Minutes of the

 Hythe Parish Pastoral Council Meeting


Held on Thursday 4th May 2017 at 7pm in the Presbytery


Welcome and Opening Prayer

Chair, Michael Dawson welcomed three Committee Members and Fr Barce to the Meeting and invited Fr Scott to open the Meeting with a Prayer



Apologies were received from Deacon John, Elizabeth Partridge, Sally Savage and Dorota


Minutes of the Last Meeting

The Minutes of the last Meeting had been circulated and approved


Matters Arising from the Last Meeting

None ~ other than those to be discussed as ‘Agenda Items’

Deacon John’s Correspondence re The Mission

Deacon John reported that  the database was being compiled successfully – but that it wouldn’t be concluded before the Deanery Mission is due to take place (1st July). He therefore proposed that the data to be submitted to the Sion Community for the purpose of the Deanery/Parish Mission ‘Home-visiting’ programme would be the: 299 – ‘Known Parishioners’ and the 60 – either Housebound, or in Nursing Homes, or in Residential Care.


This proposal was unanimously agreed by the Committee Members present; with the understanding that the outreach work would continue in trying to contact and follow-up the outstanding names not yet entered on the database – for lack of complete information.


Car Parking

Two areas of the Parish grounds provide parking to facilitate parishioners wishing to Holy Mass and other Parish Events. 

The Upper Car Park congestion issues seem now to be resolved with the introduction of designated, marked, parking bays and appropriate signage.  To further facilitate the flow of traffic around the grotto area it was agreed to place an arrow directing the flow of traffic coming into the car park to travel in one direction only (ie: anti-clockwise).


The Lower Car Park seems to experience congestion issues when the last parishioners leave after the 9.30 Mass/Coffee Morning when the next parishioners are arriving for the 11.30am Mass.

The change of Mass Times (now at 11.30am) – has mostly solved this problem; however, it was felt that parishioners having coffee in the Church Hall after the 9.30am Mass should be encouraged to leave the Church Hall by 11am – thus clearing the Car Park for those arriving for the 11.30am Mass.





The Committee led by Fr Scott with Fr Barce then adjourned to have a ‘brain-storming’ session - as the first stage in formulating the Parish Vision and Mission Statement.  Much ‘groundwork’ was covered and it was agreed to re-convene in a fortnight to continue this process.


Dates, Time and Venue of the Next Meetings

Thursday 25th May at 7pm in the Presbytery

Thursday 3rd August at 7pm in the Presbytery


Final Prayer and Blessing

Fr Barce concluded the Meeting with a Prayer and a Final Blessing