It’s been a while, but welcome to another irregular

Dymchurch Newsletter!



The good news: St Monica’s and the Marsh have two new representatives on the PPC.


Marilyn Cahill is our delegate, while Maintenance and Health & Safety is husband Paul’s role.


Please share with them your ideas, suggestions, or queries.


Minutes from regular PPC meetings are published on the parish website at:

A hard copy is also posted in the church, and email copies can be made available on request to Christine Walton.


Ride & Stride 2017

Thank You to everyone who supported Ride & Stride again in Dymchurch this year.

Marilyn and Paul managed a great job again this year, as did all the volunteer recorders and ‘caterers’, plus cleaners and flower arrangers who prepared the church for visitors. Sadly we had no sponsorship this time, but just being open for others means their churches raised money for their own needs.  To borrow a well-known phrase “Every little helps”!


The Rainbow Centre

Your continuing generosity in giving to The Rainbow Centre is much appreciated.


As ever, demand means that donations received are quickly exhausted.  We understand that the recent Harvest Festival collections, particularly in local schools was a huge success.  The list of items needed is being updated and published regularly.


October Rosary of Our Lady

For the first time in a long while we have had an opportunity to pray the Rosary together.

If you can join us we have our last October Rosary this Wednesday at 5.30 pm, and everyone is welcome.


Coffee Meetings with Fr Scott

We have had two meetings now, and already they begin to show their value.


As Fr Scott suggests we meet bi-monthly, our next one is planned for Sunday 17 December.


From our initial meeting in August Fr Scott plans for Adoration at St Monica’s after 8.30 am Mass for about half an hour every third Sunday.


St Monica’s has a role to play for the wellbeing of the whole parish.  We have had our October Rosary, but what more can we do?  What can YOU do?


There is a request from Fr Scott that the church be open for private prayer for everyone at least one day in the week.


A key holder has to open/close the church; someone must be in the church when it is open; and we need to use this time to bring our prayers before the Blessed Sacrament.  CAN YOU HELP?


Something might be arranged for Advent – IDEAS PLEASE.


In the meantime, there is a proposal that we meet mid-week in November to pray the All Souls Rosary.  WILL YOU JOIN IN?



Remember Fr Barce in your prayers – he’s working up to taking his UK Driving Test soon!  Fr Scott also has to take a UK test shortly.  He says the preparation text books are inches thick!


Let’s also remember Fr Robert who is such a loyal supporter of us here on the Marsh.  He has joined us for the October Rosary as often as possible.


Deacon John Boughton continues towards good health again.

Finally, those unseen/unheard, who also serve us in the parish.



At the Coffee Meeting last week, Fr Scott told us this is ongoing, more details available soon.


Our Parish ‘Mission Statement’ or ‘Vision’ is soon to be published.


Meanwhile, St Monica’s is in need of helpers!


If you can help with running or maintenance of the church or in any way during services let Marilyn know.


For example:


Sacristan(s)/Altar Server(s)

Reader(s)/Flower arranging

Church Cleaning

Musician and/or singer

‘Gardening’ the car park

General Maintenance


Fund Raising/Social Events

Traid Craft/Repository

Prayer/Bible Study Group(s)

Consider that Fr Scott needs all of us to be involved every aspect of parish life.



Parish fund raising is always ongoing.  At St Monica’s we have our own fund raising efforts: Ride & Stride and of course The Bonus Ball.


Although our funds are not great, we have recently paid for the trees in the car park to be cut down and trimmed back.


At Dymchurch there are other projects in hand, about which, more later.  Funding for these works is under discussion with the Parish Finance Committee. But the demand on parish funds always outstrips funds available!




NOTE:  This newsletter is just a spot for local news and items of interest.  Questions relating to specific parish matters etc must be referred direct to our Parish Priest, Fr Scott Brossart, via the Parish Office – details in the Weekly Parish Bulletin.